Taxtips | Payroll Consulting

Taxtips SA has a vast knowledge of Payroll & Tax Software therefore there are no Costs incurred for payroll software & annual license fees. VIP - One of the Leading enterprise Packages today is used to customise your payroll for your specific need & requirement. We provide training to reduce payroll and related training costs. You will have peace of mind knowing that Company and Staff related issued are kept confidential by communicating to Authorized personnel only, eliminating Corruption and minimizing overheads. We are able to save on space, office equipment and employees allowing the workforce to be utilized in other areas of the business. All backups are kept on site as well as offsite and in line with legislation. No more worrying about constant payroll changes and sending employees on additional workshops, as we make sure that you payroll is kept up to date with legislation.

Client Responsabilities

  • Provide accurate employee and Company take on information in the supplied format, signed and validated before being sent to Taxtips Payroll CC.
  • All payroll input (adjustments & related documentation) is supplied timeously in the supplied format.
  • Inform us of all changes within the payroll before the specified cut off dates.
  • Review and sign off the payroll data.
  • Ensure that sufficient funds for Employees Net pay are cleared in the nominated account two(2) days prior to payroll run date.

Taxtips Responsibilities

  • Ensure correct Payroll Input
  • Transfer net salaries & statutory payments (if required) on behalf of the Client.
  • Provide each employee with a Confidential pay slip & the Company with a copy thereof.
  • Implement all Legislation changes to ensure the client is compliant with the TAX CHANGES.
  • Provide the client with the following Reports: o EMP 201 report o Leave report o Net salaries report (and many more if required)

Client Benefits

  • Confidential Pay slip for each employee
  • Copy of the above for your records
  • Customised reports o EMP 201 (PAYE/SDL/UIF) o Leave Report o Banking Report o Cost to company The above will be supplied in either a book form or in Lever Arch file (as preferred)
  • All types of transfers can also be made on your behalf. (eft’s – SARS & employees)
  • All quotations are customised according to requirement